BONUS MATERIAL - Odds & Ends Episode One: Constanza

Thank you for listening to last weeks episode, and if you've made it this far I'm going to assume you enjoyed it - hooray!

As your reward here is a picture of us recording the episode and playing with Goofy, in Constanza's beautifully decorated studio.

I've received some feedback that people want to hear a little more about Constanza's life, and how I know her. I first heard about Constanza through my mum, who by chance ended up in a vocal workshop that Constanza was running, and very quickly became her #1 fan. My mum is a pretty cool lady, and she runs a gospel choir in her spare time, when she's not being a doctor. So she asked Constanza to sing a solo for her choir's Fringe Festival performance, which is how I met her.

If you'd like to read more about Constanza's incredible life I've included her bio below, or you can visit her website

- Grace


Constanza Herrero is an Australian/Chilean singer and songwriter. With experience in the music and television industries, Constanza began her career in Chile at a very young age, after launching her original compositions EP ‘Actúa hoy’ in 2007 under the artistic name ‘Kota’, which led her to become part of the MTV Latin Music Award winning pop band ‘Six Pack’. Constanza debuted in the band singing at the prestigious ‘Viña del Mar International Song Festival’ in 2008. In that same year she earned the role of Antagonist in the TV Series ‘Karkú’ which was broadcast by Nickelodeon (Latin America) and also recorded the music album 'Up'.

After finishing high school, Constanza settled in Australia where she studied at the prestigious ‘Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts’ (WAAPA), obtaining a Certificate in Musical Theatre and a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Stream).

For the past years, Constanza has been performing in important venues in Perth as well as WAAPA shows. Some of her highlighted performances have been singing for His Royal Highness Prince of Wales at Cottesloe Civic Centre at his 67th birthday celebration, ‘WA Premiers’ Olympic Dinner’ at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, her sold out Alanis Morissette Tribute at The Ellington Jazz Club and her latest appearance at Fringe World Festival invited to sing as soloist for Providence Gospel Choir (3 sold out shows.)

Constanza is currently working on her upcoming album, which conveys meaningful lyrics with a pop music style that it is influenced by Latin American sounds, folk and soul.

Constanza Herrero