2019 (So Far) In Review!

Hello to all, and welcome to new friends! We’ve had a bit of an up-tick in followers recently, and we wanted to let you all know what we’ve been up to so far this year.

We’ve got brand new episodes of “How To Win Loot And Influence Dragons”, our DnD storytelling/comedy podcast. If you’re new to HTWLAID, we recommend the recent one-shot live episode from FRINGE WORLD Perth (DM’ed by Thomas Owen), which you can find in the HTWLAID feed wherever you get your podcasts. If you want to dive right into the main story, you could start with Chapter 19.5, which is a recap of the first 19 episodes, or Chapter 2.5, which is a supercut of the first two episodes! New episodes every other Friday.

Coming soon to Curio is “The Uncertainty Principle”, which recently launched live at FRINGE WORLD Perth! TUP is a science communication podcast focused on stories connected to STEM. Ben and Taryn cover fascinating concepts, interesting elements of science history, and explore aspects of politics and culture through the lens of science. Don't worry, we won't get bogged down in technical jargon, and there might even be a few swears. Stay tuned to this page, or our other social media to hear when it launches!

There’s a deep back catalogue of episodes of “Still Interested”, our TV and film reboot/remake comedy podcast, where Ben and Jackson dive deep into franchises that have been rebooted or remade, to try and figure out why the studios thought that was a good idea. We just tackled Indiana Jones, so if Nazi-punching adventure movies are your thing, go check out the recent episodes! New episodes every other Thursday.

You should also go back and listen to our personal journal podcast, “Odds & Ends”. Odds & Ends is a show about things. It’s about the torn photographs and lucky pennies that we keep. Why do we hang onto these mementos, and what do they mean to us? It’s hosted by Grace Chapple, and features interviews with real people, talking about the stories behind their favourite knick knacks.

We’ve got more stuff coming in 2019, check it all out right here at curionetwork.com!


Curio Network at Perth Fringe World 2019!

Hello friends!

We’re super excited to let you know about our upcoming shows at FRINGE WORLD Perth in January and February 2019!


First up, we have three live performances of our flagship Dungeons & Dragons podcast “How To Win Loot And Influence Dragons” at Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of January.

All three shows are self-contained, one shot adventures, with a different DM each night!

Find out more and get tickets here.


Secondly, we cannot wait for the LIVE LAUNCH of our BRAND NEW science communication podcast, “The Uncertainty Principle”. This show has been in the works for a while now, so we are extremely stoked to be launching it with four shows at Rigby’s Bar on the 8th, 10th, 14th and 16th of February!

Each night will tackle a different major topic from the world of STEM, along with a discussion of the ways this topic intersects with history, society, politics and culture. Your hosts are Taryn Laubenstein, and Ben McAllister, with special guests along the way!

Find out more and get tickets here.

How To Win Loot And Influence Dragons: LIVE

Hey friends!

Exciting news - we're doing our first ever live show next Sunday!

It's going to be a story featuring the characters you know and love, but outside the regular cannon of the podcast, so it'll be accessible for people who haven't listened before.

If you live in Peth, and you like the show, come on down and check our style out at:

7.30 PM Sunday May 13th
Lazy Susan's Comedy Den @ The Brisbane Hotel
292 Beaufort St, Highgate 6003

Tickets are only $10, so bring a friend, and we'll definitely stick around and have drinks with you all afterwards!

Tickets and more info right here!

HTWLAID Bonus Material: Map of Carthas

Hello friends!

As promised, here is a map of Carthas with some key locations marked, designed by me (Ben, the DM) and drawn by Tom (Dun Khan, the dwarf-boi).

I seriously cannot believe how good this map looks, T absolutely crushed it - so please, share it around!

NOTE: If the relative directions on the map here contradict something I said on the podcast, this is now the canonical arrangement of the settlements and villages and stuff! I think it mostly lines up!

Much love,

Big B


BONUS MATERIAL - Episode 5: Patti

Whoops. Missed a few weeks there, didn't I?

Anyway, here we are back with more bonus content about the fascinating and glamorous individuals who lend us their stories on Odds and Ends.

Last week I chatted to lawyer, philanthropist, and fashionista Patti Chong. With her permission, I'd like to offer you a little sneak peek into the private world of this well known public figure. If you've listened to the episode, you will have heard Patti's pride and my astonishment at her enormous wine collection. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite fit it into a single photograph.

Thank you for the support this far, it's been an incredible gift to share these stories with you. We'll be back with another episode next week, when I'll be interviewing a beautiful person who is very dear to my heart, so please don't miss it.


BONUS MATERIAL: Odds & Ends Episode Two

Meet Cal, and his famous yellow towel bucket hat. Cal (and his hat) have kindly given us permission to share with you this picture, discussed in Episode 2. I hope that you find my verbal portrait of him accurate. 

We've hit a few snags in the road during the production of Episode 3, but we hope very much to be delivering the episode to you as normal this coming Wednesday. Until then -



BONUS MATERIAL - Odds & Ends Episode One: Constanza

Thank you for listening to last weeks episode, and if you've made it this far I'm going to assume you enjoyed it - hooray!

As your reward here is a picture of us recording the episode and playing with Goofy, in Constanza's beautifully decorated studio.

I've received some feedback that people want to hear a little more about Constanza's life, and how I know her. I first heard about Constanza through my mum, who by chance ended up in a vocal workshop that Constanza was running, and very quickly became her #1 fan. My mum is a pretty cool lady, and she runs a gospel choir in her spare time, when she's not being a doctor. So she asked Constanza to sing a solo for her choir's Fringe Festival performance, which is how I met her.

If you'd like to read more about Constanza's incredible life I've included her bio below, or you can visit her website www.constanzaherrero.com.

- Grace


Constanza Herrero is an Australian/Chilean singer and songwriter. With experience in the music and television industries, Constanza began her career in Chile at a very young age, after launching her original compositions EP ‘Actúa hoy’ in 2007 under the artistic name ‘Kota’, which led her to become part of the MTV Latin Music Award winning pop band ‘Six Pack’. Constanza debuted in the band singing at the prestigious ‘Viña del Mar International Song Festival’ in 2008. In that same year she earned the role of Antagonist in the TV Series ‘Karkú’ which was broadcast by Nickelodeon (Latin America) and also recorded the music album 'Up'.

After finishing high school, Constanza settled in Australia where she studied at the prestigious ‘Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts’ (WAAPA), obtaining a Certificate in Musical Theatre and a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Stream).

For the past years, Constanza has been performing in important venues in Perth as well as WAAPA shows. Some of her highlighted performances have been singing for His Royal Highness Prince of Wales at Cottesloe Civic Centre at his 67th birthday celebration, ‘WA Premiers’ Olympic Dinner’ at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, her sold out Alanis Morissette Tribute at The Ellington Jazz Club and her latest appearance at Fringe World Festival invited to sing as soloist for Providence Gospel Choir (3 sold out shows.)

Constanza is currently working on her upcoming album, which conveys meaningful lyrics with a pop music style that it is influenced by Latin American sounds, folk and soul.

Constanza Herrero


Welcome to the Curio Network, thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoy the content! The first episodes of HTWLAID and Odds & Ends are online now, stay tuned for the release of Still Interested next week.