BONUS MATERIAL - Episode 5: Patti

Whoops. Missed a few weeks there, didn't I?

Anyway, here we are back with more bonus content about the fascinating and glamorous individuals who lend us their stories on Odds and Ends.

Last week I chatted to lawyer, philanthropist, and fashionista Patti Chong. With her permission, I'd like to offer you a little sneak peek into the private world of this well known public figure. If you've listened to the episode, you will have heard Patti's pride and my astonishment at her enormous wine collection. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite fit it into a single photograph.

Thank you for the support this far, it's been an incredible gift to share these stories with you. We'll be back with another episode next week, when I'll be interviewing a beautiful person who is very dear to my heart, so please don't miss it.