2019 (So Far) In Review!

Hello to all, and welcome to new friends! We’ve had a bit of an up-tick in followers recently, and we wanted to let you all know what we’ve been up to so far this year.

We’ve got brand new episodes of “How To Win Loot And Influence Dragons”, our DnD storytelling/comedy podcast. If you’re new to HTWLAID, we recommend the recent one-shot live episode from FRINGE WORLD Perth (DM’ed by Thomas Owen), which you can find in the HTWLAID feed wherever you get your podcasts. If you want to dive right into the main story, you could start with Chapter 19.5, which is a recap of the first 19 episodes, or Chapter 2.5, which is a supercut of the first two episodes! New episodes every other Friday.

Coming soon to Curio is “The Uncertainty Principle”, which recently launched live at FRINGE WORLD Perth! TUP is a science communication podcast focused on stories connected to STEM. Ben and Taryn cover fascinating concepts, interesting elements of science history, and explore aspects of politics and culture through the lens of science. Don't worry, we won't get bogged down in technical jargon, and there might even be a few swears. Stay tuned to this page, or our other social media to hear when it launches!

There’s a deep back catalogue of episodes of “Still Interested”, our TV and film reboot/remake comedy podcast, where Ben and Jackson dive deep into franchises that have been rebooted or remade, to try and figure out why the studios thought that was a good idea. We just tackled Indiana Jones, so if Nazi-punching adventure movies are your thing, go check out the recent episodes! New episodes every other Thursday.

You should also go back and listen to our personal journal podcast, “Odds & Ends”. Odds & Ends is a show about things. It’s about the torn photographs and lucky pennies that we keep. Why do we hang onto these mementos, and what do they mean to us? It’s hosted by Grace Chapple, and features interviews with real people, talking about the stories behind their favourite knick knacks.

We’ve got more stuff coming in 2019, check it all out right here at curionetwork.com!